Pre-Lab Welcome [DRAFT]

Welcome! We’re excited you’ll be joining us soon for a CollabLAB workshop!

To get started, please familiarize yourself with this page and follow the instructions below so you’ll be completely prepared and ready to engage fully in the workshop.


  1. Our Container – Agreements and Expectations
  2. Download and Print the Archive Worksheet here.
  3. Listen to 1000 Invisible Things audio while filling out the form (optional)
  4. Fill out the Archive Worksheet (print out and use pen/paper)*
  5. Optional – fill out online version of worksheet with your answers (to add to database – collection for visualizing the data and creating music/performance pieces from the algorithms.)
  6. Any additional instructions / recommended preparations

*Instructions for mailing printed worksheets to add to collection…

Please click the image above to download the Archive of Invisible Things Lab Worksheet.

We recommend that you print it out and take some time to fill it out completely before the workshop begins.

You’re invited to experience the writing exercise for yourself. Click on the image above to download a printable PDF version. We recommend filling it out by hand, as we’ve found more thoughtful contemplation…

After you have filled out the printed version, you have the option of entering your answers into the online version by clicking here. (There’s an option to do this anonymously.) Your answers will be entered into a spreadsheet and may later be incorporated into new creative art / music / performance pieces created by Gabrielle that uplift the words of all our participants, celebrating them.

to create a data-driven performance piece that will incorporate the experiences participants

And if you fill out both versions, we’d love to hear your thoughts on which you prefer.

1,000 Invisible Things, 2020, digital print.

How can we create a culture of compassion and universal belonging that celebrates
both our individual similarities and our differences?

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Return to the opening query…

We resist erasure by speaking our truth.

Click on the image above to download a PDF version of our 2-sided form to get more of the hands-on experience of our lab, by using pen and paper. When you finish filling out the form, feel free to scan it or mail it back to us. We would love to add it to our binder full of worksheets that have been filled out by people all around the world.

For more ambiance, we recommend listening to the audio recording.

If you’d prefer to fill out a digital version of the form, you can do so here.

Over 200 people have participated in the creative research through Invisibility Lab interactions, workshops, performances and creative experiments that have taken place in Berlin, Lisbon, Istanbul, New York, Mexico City, Miami as well as remote parts of Ireland and New England. They have been generous with their time and wisdom as they shared their ideas, theories, and experiences.

Most of the people I talked to said they have felt invisible at some point in their lives, with some stating they feel invisible all the time. More than half said they’d had moments when they wished to be invisible.

I continue to reach more people as I move to online Labs as a response to the invisible threat of novel coronaviruses.

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