Have you ever felt invisible?
Have you ever wished you could disappear?
What invisible things do you rely on in your life?
How do you perceive the invisible?

These are just some of the questions we’ve been asking in the Invisibility Lab – an international creative research project initiated by artist, Gabrielle Senza, to investigate how people in different circumstances and cultures relate to invisibility. How are their experiences of feeling invisible similar or dissimilar to those of others? What impact does it have on their lives and on their relationships? Are there differences in awareness among cultures in how people perceive and relate to invisible things?

Functioning as a mobile studio, stage, gallery and research laboratory, the Invisibility Lab has conducted several participatory projects in Germany, Portugal, England, Ireland, Turkey and Portugal since its launch at Berlin Art Week in 2017. It provides an engaging framework from which to conduct and present cross-cultural research on the everyday seen and unseen aspects of life.

Invisibility Lab programs we’re currently offering include:

Creative Research Lab Experiments
Multi-media Lab Installations
Invisibility Themed Art Exhibitions
Performance Lectures
Slide Lectures
Writing Workshops
Collaborative Artistic Research

You can learn more about hosting Invisibility Lab events in your community by going here.

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