Have you ever felt invisible?

Have you ever felt unseen? Unheard? Dismissed or disrespected?

Invisibility Lab Founder, Gabrielle Senza felt invisible growing up as a child – and even well into adulthood. She was often shocked when people would say hello whenever she visited her hometown, wondering how it was possible to be seen and recognized after all those years, especially since she was convinced they were unable to see her when she was growing up.

Senza has spent the majority of her artistic career exploring the psycho-emotional impact of feeling unseen (together with the paradoxical dangers of being seen by individuals with nefarious intentions) through creative self-expression, personal research, and socially-engaged art projects.

The Invisibility Lab continues this investigation as a mobile interdisciplinary platform where experiences and perceptions of invisibility are researched, revealed, and made visible through multi-media socially engaged art events.

Functioning as a mobile studio, stage, gallery and research laboratory, the Invisibility Lab provides an immediately engaging framework to conduct and present cross-cultural research on the everyday seen and unseen aspects of life. Since its 2017 premier at Berlin Art Week, the Invisibility Lab has hosted civically engaged projects in Germany, Portugal, England, Ireland, Turkey, Portugal, and the United States.

Join us!
How can you participate? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and we hope you will engage in the pages and posts here on our website, in person at one of our events, or on our social media platforms. You are invited to comment, share, volunteer, or even host a lab event in your community. Please explore these pages and stay in touch.

By making the invisible visible, we believe society can transcend biases and celebrate cultural differences. Our aim, ultimately, is to foster creativity, connection, and change.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever felt invisible?

  1. sometimes I feel invisible when I most want to be noticed


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