Lab Experiment: 1,000 Invisible Things (Performance Lecture)

We rely on unseen elements in our everyday world to give us strength, hope and even life itself. How does that which is invisible influence our lives? Is there a difference among cultures in how invisibility is experienced or perhaps even desired?

This multimedia performance lecture presents aspects of the Invisibility Lab’s ongoing investigation into perception, identity, and visibility.

Researching the space between seeing and not seeing, knowing and not knowing, memory, imagination, oppression and abandon, founder and Lab Chief, Gabrielle Senza explores these territories through sound, movement, spoken word, video and music.


Performance History
Date: 26 October 2017
Length: 25 minutes + Q&A
Event: Invisible Republic – International Conference on Music, Avant-Gardes and Counterculture. October 25-27
Venue: University of Lisbon/School of Arts and Humanities and Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)
Conference organized by: Anabela Duarte (ULisboa) and Andrew Hussey (ULondon)
Organizing Entities: University of Lisbon, ULICES and University of London, SAS, CPS
Keywords: invisible, marginalized, identity, perception, socially engaged art
Themes: Politics and Aesthetics of Invisibility

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