Lab Experiment: Visible Tracings

In a one-to-one performance with Invisibility Lab founder, Gabrielle Senza, the audience member has an opportunity to engage in a deeper conversation about invisibility with the artist while she traces the outline of the visitor’s hand. Together, they create a collaborative drawing and discuss the visitor’s experiences with feeling invisible – or wishing to be invisible, as well as perceptions and theories about invisible things.

When incorporated into a multi-media installation, a live-stream video camera captures a close-up of their hands at work and feeds the visuals to a remote screen incorporating separate audio files so as to preserve the privacy of their conversation.

Visible Tracings (aka Invisible Dialogues) promotes deep listening and sharing, allowing participants to be heard and seen on a more intimate level than is typical in performance.

Performance History
Date: 26 October 2017
Length: 20-30 minute sessions
Event: Invisible Republic – International Conference on Music, Avant-Gardes and Counterculture. October 25-27
Venue: University of Lisbon/School of Arts and Humanities and Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)
Conference organized by: Anabela Duarte (ULisboa) and Andrew Hussey (ULondon)
Themes: Politics and Aesthetics of Invisibility
Web Link: Web link:

Date: 15 September 2017
Length: 20-30 minute sessions
Event: OPENHAUS – Berlin Art Week. September 14-18
Venue: ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics
Web Link:



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