Lab Experiment: Specimen Whispers

We were inspired to introduce a new lab experiment – that of collecting 1,000 invisible things whispered into a jar as a performative archival act – upon observing participants adding to the Archive of Invisible Things during the 2017 Lisbon lab projects.

While immeasurable and undocumented, the Specimen Whispers jar currently contains a few dozen invisible things, whispered into the jar over time — and we have no idea what they are.


Performance History
Date: 26 October 2017
Length: 2-3 minute sessions
Event: Invisible Republic – International Conference on Music, Avant-Gardes and Counterculture. October 25-27
Venue: University of Lisbon/School of Arts and Humanities and Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)
Conference organized by: Anabela Duarte (ULisboa) and Andrew Hussey (ULondon)
Themes: Politics and Aesthetics of Invisibility
Web Link: Web link:

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